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Alientech KTAG for Bootmode ECUs...

The Alientech KTAG
is a tool for booting ECUs.
That means that you are able to tune all ECUs which are not
possible to tune over OBD (Tricore with Tuning Protection,
Misubishi ECUs, Delco ECUs...).

There are exact documentations available and delivered with
the Alientech KTAG unit how to open the ECUs and how to
read out the ori dataset from the ecu und write the new data
set into the ecu. There are also a couple of BDM heads
available for Alientech KTAG. For Standard configuration the
New Trasdata is delivered with all flat cables and Boot Cable
As Features you can order a Metal Frame and the different
BDM heads.

If you want to know more about the Alientech KTAG
you can download here the newest pricelist and technical

Vehicle List for Alientech KTAG Download Technical Trasdata specs
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Alientech KTAG Features:
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