Tuningfiles from the pro with 15 years experience
VMAXX ECO optimized Tuningfiles for Trucks

From the very beginning VMAXX Performance also developes
 eco tuningfiles for trucks and lcvs. With trucks and lcvs
the raw power is not important. It´s all about fuel efficiency
 and saving fuel. Therefore we have a special depart-
ment just developing truck tuning software.

We develope solutions for all kinds of ecus like Bosch
(MS6.X, EDC7), Delphi Truck (DAF), TRW (Volvo, Renault),
Temic (Mercedes Actros, Atego, Unimog) and Motorola (Scania).
We are developing solutions for all kinds of trucks
also respecting the actual exhaus emission class (Euro1-6).

After a long time development phase we are also very proud
 to offer our new addblue reduction software. We re-
duce the addblue consumption of trucks up to 50% not
changing the emission class. It´s also possible to switch of
addblue completely but then you need to downgrade the truck
 to a different emission class.

Now you will surely ask yourself how much our high-quality files
 are. You can calm down. Because we have a high number of
Tuningpartners and cooperation companies all over the world
we can offer
our files at reasonable prices.
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