Tuningfiles from the pro with 15 years experience
Development on the Dyno for your success...

VMAXX Performance
 develops and tests all tuningfiles on the
 dyno before the files are sold. We do not just test the power and
 the exhaust emissions on the dyno but we also test all
components under "realtime" conditions on the street.

We develope tuningfiles for all kinds of diesel engines (Common
Rail, "Pumpe Düse", old direct injection systems) as well as files for all kinds of petrol engines. Also challanges like the newest EDC17
 ECUs (with active torque monitoring) are no problem for us
 because we have direct connections with the manufacturers. Our
 product range covers all kinds of ECUs und ECU brands like Bosch,
 Siemens, Magnetti Marelli, Visteon, Delphi, Continental...

Also special solutions are available with VMAXX products: we are
 able to delete particular error codes from the ECU and it is also
 possible e.g. to switch of the DPF functions. Read more in the

Now you will surely ask yourself how much our high-quality files
 are. You can calm down. Because we have a high number of
 Tuningpartners and cooperation companies all over the world we
 can offer
our files at reasonable prices.
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