Tuningfiles from the pro with 15 years experience
Tuningfile development on the dyno...

VMAXX Performance invests a lot of time and money into the
development of first class tuningfiles. All tuningfiles are first
time developed on a dyno. There we take care to reach reason-
able results in power, torque and exhaust temperature. As one
out of just a few companies we also take care about the long
time results of our tunings

It is very important to leave the exhaust temperature within a
reasonable range also after the tuning. Many "tuners" do not
even know how to influence the exhaust temperature. We know
our way around.

We also have a special source to get DAMOS Files also for the
newest cars and engines on the market. This is very important
for programming high-quality tuningfiles.

Last but not least the most important thing in the development
of good tuningfiles is experience. We have (proved) 15 years ex-
perience in motorsport and chiptuning of all kinds of vehicles.
We work with car dealers as well as with general importers of
several brands. Therefore we can develope on the newest
cars and engines and deliver high-quality files to our customers.
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