Tuningfiles from the pro with 15 years experience
The VMAXX Tuningfile Mailservice...

If you are interested in buying tuningfiles from our company
you surely ask yourself how it works. Well, we have two ways
of providing tuningfiles to our customers:

- Mailservice (Send Ori, receive Tun)
- Fileserver (Send Ori, reveive Tun)

For start we provide just mailservice for our young customers.
You send us the original File from the car and provide us the
following information

Information we need:

- Car Brand, Car Model, Engine volume, Diesel/Petrol
- Information what kind of file you need (Eco, Tun, Special...)
- Special Wishes: RPM limiter, vmax limiter...

Send the ori file to: files@tuningfiles-online.com

Please note that you first need to register an account! You can
us this Link to register. After registration you need to load some
money on your account with paypal
and then you can start
working immedeately
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- GB, US
- Australia
- Slovakia
- Slovenia
- Croatia
- Hungary
- Switzerland