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FGTech EOBD2 Chiptuning Tool (Galletto)...

The FGTech EOBD2 by Galletto
is a very powerful tool for
tuning ECUs. It has all OBD protocols integrated for cars,
trucks, agrar, bikes and it is also able to read all kinds of
ecus with bootmode (BDM, Tricore, Mitsubishi, Renesas...).

So the FGTech EOBD2 Tool is an all-in-one solution. You
don´t need to buy any other additional protocol like with
other flashers. The EOBD2 is full option. That means that
there is no additional costs for protocols like with other ECU
flashing tools. The only option you can order is a profes-
sional sortiment of BDM heads and a BDM Frame.

The EOBD2 comes along with the unit itself, boot cables,
OBD Connector, USB Cable and power line cable.

You can read more about the technical specs here:

Technical Specs of FGTech EOBD2 Download Technical Trasdata specs
Pricelist for FGTech EOBD2 Download Technical Trasdata specs
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FGTech EOBD2 Features
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