Tuningfiles from the pro with 15 years experience
Professionally programmed special Tunigfiles...

VMAXX Performance also offers tuningfiles for specially
modified cars. Because of our long-time experience we can
offer this special service to our customers. We know our way
around with completely modified engines (VR6 Turbo, R32
Turbo...) and are able to provide high quality files for this
special needs.

We offer specially modified files for the complete VAG engine
sortiment. Also the remapping of BMW M models and Mercedes
AMG Models is no problem for us. If you have a special car of
another brand just contact us and we will make you an
individual offer for the modification of the engine management.

 The modification of such engines is a special challange because
we have to take care of a lot of parameters to prevent damage
of this highly and professionally tuned engines. Especially in
such cases it´s important to have the know-how and experience
we have.

Now you will surely ask yourself how much our high-quality files
are. You can calm down. Because we have a high number of
Tuningpartners and cooperation companies all over the world we
can offer
our files at reasonable prices.
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