Tuningfiles from the pro with 15 years experience
The VMAXX Tuningfile Fileserver...

If you are interested in buying tuningfiles from our company
you surely ask yourself how it works. Well, we have two ways
of providing tuningfiles to our customers:

- Mailservice (Send Ori, receive Tun)
- Fileserver (Send Ori, reveive Tun)

If you are customer for at least 3 month you can ask us for an
Fileserver account. We only provide this service to long time
business partners.

The advantages of this service are:

- Fast delivery within 15 minutes, 24x7 service
- Fast reaction time when the files are not on our server
- No initial fee, no user fees, all for free...
- You just pay what you need

Please note that you first need to register an account! We do
not activate new users for this service! Just long time customers
can be integrated into our fileserver system
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- Germany
- GB, US
- Australia
- Slovakia
- Slovenia
- Croatia
- Hungary
- Switzerland