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Professional sensor decoding and specials...

VMAXX Performance also offers a special service of it´s
customers: sensor decoding service. We are able to switch
of particular sensors in modern cars. It is also possible for us
to switch off particular error codes on the different ECUs.

The following sensors can be decoded:

- DPF sensor (DPF switch off)
- EGR/AGR functions (EGR/AGR switch off)
- LAMBDA 2 sensor (LAMBDA 2 switch off)
- Particular error codes
- VAG hotstart problem solution
- Several other sensors

This service is just possible because we have detailed information
about the programming of the different ECU models. We are one
of just a hand full companies which offers this service.

Now you will surely ask yourself how much our high-quality files
are. You can calm down. Because we have a high number of
Tuningpartners and cooperation companies all over the world we
can offer
our files at reasonable prices.
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